High-Precision High-Pressure Injection Pump


micro pump

The injection pump has satisfied the requirements of many laboratory and science applications. The pump is capable of injecting fluids in constant rate and constant pressure modes. The pump design incorporates motor driven pistons, pressure measurement to comply with most application requirements. This pump is also used in PVT applications where precision pulse-free flow or volume measurements are critical. The different models of pump cover a wide range of pressure capabilities and flow rates. The pumps are manufactured in a form of single or double cylinders. Moreover the pumps can be either fixed or placed on a bench.



  • The pumps are very easy to operate. The system is operated using Man Machine Interface (MMI) software which runs on a PC-compatible computer. The software provides the user with complete control over all operating parameters.
  • The system works well with water or low viscosity oil. Fluid-wetted parts are stainless steel 316 (SS-316).
  • Sophisticated electronics provide highly accurate fluid flow rates and volume measurement.
  • The pump system can be operated in two different operating modes, including constant rate and constant pressure.
  • The cylinder can be heated by using a heating mantle from ambient to +150°C.

Technical Specifications


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